$10,000 Affiliate Race - Game On!

Rank Affiliates $10,000 Race is on!


Boost your contribution and take part in the race to seize a share of $10K.
Keep an eye on your position in the race right here below! You’ll also get to know who’s ahead of the game.


Category 1

  • For affiliates who bring in over 51 FTDs during the race’s timeframe.
 Position  Prize  Unique Tag
1 $1,250
2 $1,100
3 $900


Category 2

  •   For affiliates who bring in 16-50 FTDs during the race’s timeframe.
 Position  Prize  Unique Tag
1 $800
2 $750
3 $700
4 $650
5 $600


Category 3

  •   For affiliates who bring in 5-15 FTDs during the race’s timeframe.
 Position  Prize  Unique Tag
1 $550
2 $500
3 $450
4 $400
5 $350
6 $300
7 $250
8 $200
9 $150
10 $100


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